1. Contact us

2. Free consultation

3. Preparation of all medical documents

5. First Visit

4. Sign Contract

6. Visit to the clinic; Vitrification of biomaterial

7. Documents notarization, power of attorney

8. Surrogate/ Egg donor matching

10. Embryo Transfer

9. The synchronization of Cycles and stimulation

11. Pregnancy confirmation

12. Getting monthly reports and ultrasound

13. Birth of Child

15. Flying back home with baby

14. Baby Registration


How Surrogacy Works

If you want to have a baby through surrogacy, you may have a lot of questions concerning the surrogacy process and how it works.

Our surrogacy process works in the following steps:

Step 1: Contact us

Now that you have decided to partake surrogacy as your preferred assisted reproduction method—get in touch with us.

Our super-friendly team will discuss with you our surrogacy process and ask you a number of questions to understand your situation. Then, you will be booked for the initial consultation.

Step 2: Free consultation

We shall provide you with a free consultation that will inform, empower, and inspire. We shall give you more information about our surrogacy program so that you can know what to expect. We shall discuss surrogate matching, surrogacy costs, basic medical information, legal implications, and answer as many questions as you have about the program.

You can choose to take the consultation via Skype, any type of messengers, or you can visit us in our Kyiv office. 

Step 3: Preparation of all medical records

There are lots of reasons that can make you choose surrogacy as the ultimate method of growing your family. In Ukraine, however, you must provide medical records that showcase why you need to undertake surrogacy as an assisted reproduction method. This report should indicate the exact diagnosis which confirmes your inability to carry a child to the term:

  • Health issues that make it nearly impossible for a mother to carry a pregnancy to term, or which puts the mother's life at risk

  • Infertility problems such as the deformation or absence of the cervix or uterus

  • Multiple failed IVF attempts

As a rule, it is not problematic for IVF doctors to issue such a report on a clinic letterhead with an official stamp and doctor's signature.


Step 4: First Visit

During the first visit, we shall discuss with you a host of issues, a wide range of surrogacy services, including matching, case management, screening, legal support, counseling, and much more. We shall come up with a strategy that will ensure all your unique needs are met, and you go home with a baby you can call your own at the end of the program.

Once you understand what you want to achieve through surrogacy, we shall move on to the next step.

Step 5: Sign legal agreements

Both the intended parents and the surrogate will be provided with separate legal representation throughout the process. Both parties will work with their attorney to finalize on the agreement, and signatures will be appended once an agreement is reached.

To ensure a successful journey, it is critical to be in full agreement in every aspect of the surrogacy contract.

As soon as negotiations are complete, the agreement will be signed.

Step 6: Visit the clinic; Vitrification of biomaterial

As soon as you choose the surrogate mother, you will travel to our IVF clinic and donate eggs and sperms.

For the intended father, donating the sperms takes a few hours. However, the intended mother must undergo a couple of treatments before donating the eggs. This process might take up to three weeks from the first day of the donor’s natural cycle.

When the eggs and sperms are donated, they are fertilized, and we move to the next process.

Step 7: Document notarization – the power of the attorney

Before we proceed with other steps, an attorney must notarize various documents which include a copy of intended parents’ marriage certificate, passports of the intended parents, a certificate of genetic affinity of at least one of the intended parents with the baby to be born via surrogacy, a statement of consent of the surrogate mother, and a document showing that the baby will be borne by a surrogate.

We will help in this process and provide you with legal advice and representation when a need arises.

Step 8: Surrogate/egg donor matching

Since we are affiliated with professional recruiters, we shall ensure that we find the best surrogate mother who will meet your needs and requirements. In conformity to the Ukrainian law, the surrogate we choose will meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 22-35 years old

  • Should be a mother of at least one child

  • Must be physically and mentally capable of becoming a surrogate mother

  • The surrogate should not have any relations to the intended parents

  • A surrogate must agree to sign a legal agreement with the intended parents

The surrogate we choose on your behalf will meet all the requirements above.

In a bid to enhance high success rates, we shall ensure that we choose egg donors who are 21-30 years of age, and those who are in good health and free from any form of drug abuse.

Step 9: Embryo Transfer

During the fertilization process, the IVF experts will create various embryos. They will use the healthiest the first time and freeze the rest in case the process needs to be repeated.

Step 10: The synchronization of cycles and stimulation

As soon as the ovarian stimulation is commenced in the woman providing the eggs, the surrogate mother will begin estrogen therapy, which is popularly known as estradiol valerate.

The estrogen is offered twice every week through injections. Then, the surrogate will be given progesterone, which prepares her uterine lining for implantation.

We shall ensure that the process is done by the best medical professionals in Ukraine.

Step 11: Pregnancy Confirmation

In this step, we shall confirm the best news you have heard in your life. We shall confirm a successful pregnancy.

The success of the embryo depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the embryo and how well the surrogate is prepared for the journey.

Once a healthy pregnancy is confirmed, she will start receiving prenatal care, which will continue until delivery.

Step 12: Getting monthly reports and ultrasound

To give you peace of mind and an assurance that your baby is okay, we shall provide you with monthly reports on the health of the surrogate mother and that of the baby. We shall also provide you with ultrasound images, which will confirm the actual existence of your child.

Step 13: Birth of the child

When the surrogate is ready to deliver, the medical team will choose the best day of delivery. Also, you need to know that the surrogate mother is allowed to choose the mode of delivery, and where she wants to have the baby as long as her decisions don’t compromise the health of the baby.

We shall notify you of the delivery arrangements, and you will be allowed to go to the hospital to welcome your bundle of joy.

Step 14: Flying back home with the baby

After a successful delivery, the bureaucracy process begins. In Ukraine, the baby belongs to the intended parents in the eyes of the law. Therefore, the birth certificate is given with your names, and the surrogate has no parental rights to the child.

However, to get the certificate of birth, the fact that the baby has been born should be registered with authorized bodies in the region where the birth has taken place.

We shall handle all the paperwork on your behalf and ensure that you fly back home with your baby.

Step 15: Baby registration

This is the last step of the surrogacy process. Once you travel home, you will register the baby, depending on the citizenship laws in your country.



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