Everything you need to know about surrogacy costs in Ukraine

How much does surrogacy cost in Ukraine?

Over the past few years, the demand for surrogacy in Ukraine has increased tremendously. Couples travel from all over the world to take advantage of this revolutionary assisted reproduction method.

Even though this practice is legal in many countries around the globe, why is Ukraine the ultimate destination for surrogacy?

First and foremost, surrogacy in Ukraine is supported by reasonable and friendly laws. It is only permitted for married couples who must have a letter from a professional fertility doctor detailing why they cannot have a child naturally.

Some of the reasons deemed valid by the law include:

  • Multiple failed IVF attempts

  • A stated and specific health issue that makes it impossible for the mother to conceive naturally, or one that could put her life in danger

  • Infertility issues, such as non-receptivity of the endometrium or the deformation of the cervix or uterus

Also, this letter should showcase why the couple intends to undertake the surrogacy in Ukraine.

Another reason why Ukraine is unquestionably Europe's capital of surrogacy is because its liberal laws recognize the intended parents as the biological parents of the baby from conception. Additionally, there are no legal restrictions that limit the amount of money surrogates should be paid. Therefore, this creates an open market for surrogate mothers to decide whatever amount they deem fit for their services.

How is surrogacy regulated in Ukraine?

To protect the surrogate and ensure a healthy outcome, Order 24 of the Health Ministry of Ukraine regulates the details of assisted reproduction within the country. It outlines the following guidelines for a woman to be a surrogate:

  • She must be 20-35 years old

  • The marital status of the surrogate doesn’t matter

  • She must be a natural mother of at least one child

  • The surrogate should not have any relation to the intended parents

  • The surrogate must agree to sign a legal agreement with the intended parent

Now that you know some details about how surrogacy is regulated in Ukraine, how much does the process cost?

If you are looking for a place where you will have a child through surrogacy at the most affordable prices in the world, Ukraine is definitely the go-to destination.

Here, you will spend $40,000-$60,000 for this process as opposed to over $100,000 that you could spend in other countries, such as the United States.

However, the amount of money you spend heavily depends on a number of factors, including the surrogacy program chosen and whether or not you require an egg donation.

To put things into perspective, below are estimated costs of different surrogacy programs:

Cost of surrogacy for parents with frozen embryos

If a fertility doctor proves that your partner, or the intended mother of the baby, has frozen embryos, expect to pay $30,000-$35,000 for the entire process. The price will include:

  • Agency fees

  • Surrogate matching and all medical processes involved

  • Surrogate recruitment

  • Legal fees for preparing the surrogacy contract, taxes, and notary

  • Clinical processes involved in preparing the surrogate mother for embryo transfer

  • Frozen embryo transfer

  • Surrogate payments, including compensation, expenses, regular pregnancy supervision, and required medical processes.

  • Birth at a state-run medical facility.

Cost of surrogacy for intended parents requiring an egg donation- One attempt

If you need an egg donation, expect to pay about $40,000 for one attempt. This surrogacy cost will cover various expenses which include:

  • Agency fees

  • Surrogate matching and medical testing involved

  • Egg donor matching and medical testing involved

  • Legal fees for preparing the contract

  • Notary

  • Surrogate compensation and expenses

  • Preparing the surrogate mother for embryo transfer

  • One embryo transfer and all necessary medicines

  • Birth at a state-run hospital

Cost of surrogacy for intended parents requiring an egg donation- Three attempts

Intended parents who require three egg donations pay around $45,000 for the entire surrogacy process in Ukraine. This cost includes everything mentioned above, but the cost differs because the surrogate mother will be prepared for and undergo up to three times for embryo transfer attempts.

Baby Guarantee

If you want to guarantee that you will go home with a baby, then you need to dig deeper into your pocket. The baby guarantee package is undoubtedly the most expensive option in Ukraine, costing between $50,000 and $60,000. It covers everything including:

  • Agency fees

  • Surrogate and egg donor matching/re-matching and the medical costs that come with it

  • Surrogate mother compensation

  • Legal fees

  • Unlimited IVF with donor eggs

  • Clinical costs for preparing the surrogate for embryo transfer

  • Embryo transfer

  • Delivery in a state-run facility

How much should you pay for consultation?

Before you choose to undertake surrogacy in Ukraine, you need to work with a reputable, professional, and accredited agency.

An agency will help determine whether surrogacy is the best alternative for you and your partner by ensuring you get an appointment with a fertility expert and have tests taken. After the doctor confirms that you cannot have a child naturally, the agency will then help you explore different assisted reproduction methods, analyze their risks, and decide whether surrogacy is the best option.

With a good agency, you can rest assured that the process will go smoothly and will be done quickly and efficiently while keeping costs down.

With all the advantages that come with a surrogacy agency, you might be interested in knowing whether there are hidden costs that come in the form of "consultation fees."

Here is the truth—a professional agency should not charge you for consultation. Therefore, don't fall victim to agencies that will try to take your money before they even understand your problem.


As a childless couple, you are probably looking for the most affordable, stable, and legally secure destination where you can have a child of your own through surrogacy. Based on the costs outlined in this post and the supportive laws regulating this process, Ukraine is undoubtedly the destination you have been searching for.

Ukraine continues to grow into the global surrogacy hub, which is why the demand for Ukrainian surrogate mothers has increased considerably over the past few years.

As an aspiring parent, take advantage of the explicit support that is offered and have your baby in Ukraine at a fraction of the price you would spend in other countries. We wish you the best of luck!

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