How to choose the best Surrogacy Agency?

Once you are ready to embark on the surrogacy journey, it's time to choose a professional that you are comfortable working with. Finding the right surrogacy expert is a highly critical and essential part of a successful experience. There are plenty of specialists in this field you'll cooperate with throughout the entire surrogacy process. Though in this article, we wish to focus on surrogacy agencies, which thousands of intended parents, egg donors, and surrogate mothers prefer to work with during this journey. The surrogacy agent you choose will be a vital element in the success of your process. He will navigate you through this challenging procedure with minimal risks and frustrations in order to increase the chances of success. It's important to take some time to do thorough research before making any commitment. With such a wide variety and options out there, how do you choose the best surrogacy agency? Here are some questions to keep in mind...

Are they transparent?

You should feel confident in your agent from your very first interaction. If you have a feeling that theagency is holding back essential information or not sharing enough details about their processes, procedures, or costs unless you pay them upfront, use caution in the proceeding. In such a complicated process as surrogacy, integrity between parties involved and in sharing needed information is fundamental. Professional agents realize that the more knowledge you attain from them, the more trust and confidence there will be in your future relationship. Besides, as the first step of our program, the Ukrainian Institute of Surrogacy (UI Surrogacy) provides a complimentary consultation to help you decide.

Do I Really Need a Surrogacy Agency? What about Independent Surrogacy?

Depending on where you live, it may be possible to arrange this journey on your own. Some couples practice the so-called Independent Surrogacy journey working directly with local clinics. However, please keep in mind that a professional agent could be a beneficial partner, especially if you are not an expert in this field. It involves loads of management, preparation, and legal details apart from the medical aspect.

Bigger is not always better

It is a known fact that many clinics own a surrogacy agency that will concentrate all financial flows in one place. In most cases, they focus on the clinics' needs and profits rather than representing your interests. Our experts believe that an adequate surrogacy agency should be an independent institution that will focus on the success of your goals and understand your concerns and desires. At the Ukrainian Institute of Surrogacy (UI Surrogacy), we consider our boutique size as an enormous advantage. Our team recognizes our intended parents' diversity and is proud to provide a tailor-made experience. Our personalized approach and availability is what our intendant parents and surrogates value significantly. There are undoubtedly larger surrogacy agencies. Still, those agents have a massive flow of clients, which impedes their ability to provide timely answers; they pass intended parents from one coordinator to another facilitator, turning the process into a complete mess. At UI Surrogacy, we offer you a personal multilingual ambassador who will coordinate and facilitate the entire process. This person will be consistently available at all times, including outside regular office hours. Such an individual approach helps us eliminate any medical, psychological, organizational, or legal barriers that you may encounter on your way.

Know what is included in your surrogacy program

When engaging your selected surrogacy agency, make sure that you unambiguously comprehend the full spectrum of services that their program includes. Is it a full-service agency? Will they represent you every step of the way? Are you expected to find service providers such as lawyers, donors, or surrogates on your own?

Financial transparency is a crucial matter when working with a surrogacy agency. If you find yourself stumped by pricing structure, you are not alone here. It becomes challenging and confusing for intended parents to gain accurate information and understand the specification of all costs involved. Digging into pricing and specific details on expected expenses should not be a chaotic task to complete with a trusted agent. The agent should provide you with a detailed budget, including not just medical fees, but also all related costs—additional clinic procedures, emergency charges, travel expenses, etc. They should be able to clarify the timeframes involved and specify your travel date. Those milestones could evolve the timing of the program as you still make individual decisions, though that should help you plan and understand the guidelines of your payment schedule. All the procedure timelines will depend on the start date; if your start date changes, the rest of the timeline changes accordingly. Surrogacy agency fees can be expensive; however, remember that the cost of your program directly relates to the services and privileges included in the package. We provide tailored and affordable options for those who passionately desire to have children. Our programs are transparent and do not include any hidden fees. Moreover, there are no additional charges for the matching process, and there are no waiting lists so that you can start the process now. Contact the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine now, complete the form, and receive a free consultation with no obligation.

How does the agency choose their surrogates? What is the screening process?

Your agency should prepare all parties involved emotionally, physically, and mentally. The surrogacy process will become an intimate partnership for a year or longer; therefore, your surrogate and egg donor should be just as committed and prepared for the journey as you are. The best surrogacy agencies will gladly educate you on the screening process to ease any concerns you may have. Please beware of the agencies that do not engage themselves in the proper screening before the matching process or perform it only on paper. Do some research on which medical and psychological screening the agency uses when reviewing surrogate candidates. Was there a face-to-face meeting? Are they selective? Do they recruit their surrogates or use third-party providers? If they are not performing adequate screening, it is not a surprise that the matching process frequently falls apart, leading to frustrations due to a waste of precious time and money. Preferably, choose an agency that has experienced staff that will be sensitive and genuinely caring about your parenthood journey. Luckily, unlike other surrogacy agencies, we ensure thorough screening of the intended parents, egg donors, and gestational surrogates before even starting the matching process.

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Contact the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine now, complete the form and receive a free consultation with no obligation.

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