Surrogacy in Russia is legal, and there have been lots of successful deliveries in this country for many years.

Gestational Surrogacy in Russia is permitted for single and heterosexual couples. Notably, same-sex couples are not recognized as potential parents.

    Surrogacy in Russia

As a federal state, Mexico doesn’t have federal laws that govern surrogacy. Instead, each state has its own criminal and civil prosecution code.

   Surrogacy in Mexico

In Greece, surrogacy is allowed for all heterosexual couples, gay couples, and single females. According to the law, their marital status is irrelevant.

     Surrogacy in Greece

Ukraine is, without a doubt, the most affordable, stable, and legally secure destination for childless couples looking to expand their families through surrogacy.

Surrogacy in this European nation is highly regulated and is enforceable under legislation enacted under federal law.

  Surrogacy in Ukraine

Something worth noting is that surrogacy, along with sperm and egg donation, has been legal in Georgia since 1997.

In this country, surrogacy is viewed as a legal contract in the eyes of the law. Courts uphold surrogacy contracts as long as both parties create it in good faith.

 Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy in the United States is not regulated by federal laws, but it’s regulated at the state level. The law varies from state to state. There are those that don’t allow surrogacy at all. 

     Surrogacy in the USA

Altruistic surrogacy is legal in all parts of Australia except the northern territory, where no laws govern this assisted reproduction method. In this country, however, commercial surrogacy is treated as a criminal offense.

Surrogacy in Australia 

In Canada, surrogacy is legal, but it is highly restricted. In this country, most of the bureaucracies are handled by provinces. Commercial surrogacy is a criminal offense, and a surrogate mother should not receive more than out-of-pocket expenses.

  Surrogacy in Canada

In China, surrogacy is not forbidden by law, but interestingly, it is not also expressly allowed.  There are a host of stringent departmental rules set by the ministry of health, which seek to punish medical professionals who engage in surrogacy. 

     Surrogacy in China

In India, surrogacy is legal, but under various conditions. Discover more now...

      Surrogacy in India

The de facto and legal framework governing surrogacy in Kazakhstan is similar to that in Russia. Nonetheless, this process is costly in this country; thus, you can only have a child through this process if you have a huge budget. In fact, there are hardly any cases of surrogacy in this nation.

  Surrogacy in Kazakhstan

In Kenya, there is no law governing surrogacy, but this doesn’t mean that it is illegal. Many clinics have, over the years, offered successful surrogacy to thousands of people at low costs (as little as $30,000).

    Surrogacy in Kenya

In Brazil, there are no constraints on surrogacy. However, there is a wide array of laws established by the Federal Council of Medicine, which are aimed at regulating this act.

     Surrogacy in Brasil



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