Surrogacy in Russia is legal, and there have been lots of successful deliveries in this country for many years.

Gestational Surrogacy in Russia is permitted for single and heterosexual couples. Notably, same-sex couples are not recognised as potential parents.

Interestingly, the marital status of the couple is irrelevant. This gives the opportunity for single men looking for surrogacy in Russia to find a “female friend” who will sign the contract and become the baby’s legal mother.

The Russian law states that a potential surrogate should be 20-35 years and have at least one child of her own, and must be physically and mentally healthy. If she is married, she must get permission from her civil partner before undertaking the process.

The intended parents or parents must provide a medical assessment, which shows they are unable to have a child naturally for them to be allowed to undertake this process.

Please be aware that in Russia, there is a 30-day period allowing surrogate mothers to request parental rights for the baby. This remark makes it risky for heterosexual intended parents but opens the door for single men looking to conceive the baby.



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