Over the past few years, surrogacy has become more popular and accessible in different countries around the world and Ukraine has become one of the most trusted and affordable destinations.

Apart from the friendly laws that govern this modern assisted reproductive method, one of the major reasons why most couples choose Ukraine is because of favorable statistics shared which shows admirable results.

In fact, the success rates of IVF is one of the main things that intended parents research about before choosing surrogacy as the way to go. To us, this makes a lot of sense, because the last thing you want is to choose a method which will not give you an assurance that you will walk home with a baby you can call your own.

In a bid to ensure that you start a new family when you choose to work with the Ukrainian Institute of Surrogacy, we work with the best clinic which:

  • Our doctors have a unique experience over 20 years and knowledge obtained from leading clinics in Austria, Germany, France, Spain, and the USA. They implement scientific innovations, new technologies, and the highest standards of medicine to find an optimal solution for individual cases and keep your confidence and trust in us!

  • Our state-of-the-art equipment provides Intended Parents with a wide range of reproductive solutions with various degrees of complexity

  • Over 26 medical departments under one roof proving treatment in even the most challenging cases

  • Have invested in ultra-modern laboratories and technologies

  • Only international standards 

By working with clinics that meet the above criteria, we go a long mile in guaranteeing high success rates to our ever-growing clientele populace.

Thanks to our broad knowledge and expertise in surrogacy, we can confidently report that we provide intended parents with an 80-85% success rate when having IVF with egg donation and surrogacy with egg donation programs.

With such high successes, we are able to provide couples with peace of mind and value for money, since we guarantee parenthood through our surrogacy process.

However, it is important to note that our self-cycle surrogacy programs (using own sperm or eggs) have a lower success rate, which can be between 55% and 60%. This is due to a number of factors which include age, the ovarian reserve, the medical condition of the patient, drugs used in the medical protocol, and a host of other factors.


Apart from screening a surrogate mother to ascertain her ability to carry a healthy pregnancy to term, we also understand that age plays a major role in determining the success of a surrogacy program. It is for this very reason that we find a gestational carrier who is ideally 21-35 years old.

Also, we understand that age is essential when it comes to the quality of the implanted embryo. Therefore, we require that our egg and sperm donors be 35 years of age or younger. Also, they should not show any red flags in family health history and should not be under the influence of any kind of drug.

This explains why when our clients use an egg donor, success rates go as high as 85% on the first IVF cycle, and nearly 100% of clients get a successful pregnancy within three attempts.


Yes, intended parents can also achieve success using their own gametes, though it depends on the quality of biometrics.

If you choose to use your own gametes, we shall help you through the process. If there are any questions about the quality, the IVF clinic we will be working with will recommend Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) so that the healthiest embryos can be ascertained and transferred. Essentially, the best embryo will be used for the elective single-embryo transfer, while the rest will be cryo-preserved.


There are intended parents who choose to pursue surrogacy using other professionals such as surrogacy attorneys or reach out to IVF clinics themselves. The truth is that these couples don't get as much success as those who work with reputable and highly professional surrogacy agencies.

A credible agency is familiar with the surrogacy process. Most intended parents might not know this – but the venting, management, and constant involvement on the surrogacy journey are what make a surrogacy program achieve optimum success. This is what we stand for uncompromisingly at the Ukrainian Institute of Surrogacy.

Respectful agencies have a wide array of requirements for surrogate mothers; make necessary tests and analysis even before intended parents become emotionally invested in the process. Also, they act as an intermediary between couples and surrogate mothers, thus ensuring a smooth outcome of this long but rewarding journey.

At the Ukrainian Institute of surrogacy, one of the reasons why we guarantee high success rates is because we have all the necessary contacts and resources, which allow us to work with premier IVF clinics in the country. As a result, we ensure that the surrogate mother and the baby receive the best medical care that cannot be matched.


Apart from the fact that we work with the best IVF clinics in Ukraine, there are other reasons why we continue to record high success rates. They include:

  • Our IVF programs are overseen by professional, experienced, and highly-trained obstetric and fertility experts

  • We adhere to high standards as far as surrogacy is concerned

  • Our surrogates don't do outside jobs when pregnant. They are able to get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, and keep themselves and the baby healthy

  • We have low age requirements for surrogates, egg, and sperm donors, which guarantees top-quality embryos

  • We do intense screenings to find surrogates; therefore ensuring we only get the best

  • Our surrogate mothers have to meet a variety of health requirements before we can work with them

  • We offer easier access to funds when issues or emergencies arise

  • We perform psychological screenings for all our surrogate mothers to ensure they are mentally fit to carry a pregnancy to term

  • We provide continuous counseling to ensure the surrogate mother is in a good state of mind throughout the pregnancy period

  • We perform frequent monitoring & testing during pregnancy

Another thing worth noting is that we achieve as much success with frozen embryos as we do with fresh ones.



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